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I’m not teaching this summer, which means I have time for a lot of things that just don’t happen during the academic year. While I have more time on my hands, there’s still a lot that doesn’t get done in the summer unless I plan accordingly. This blog post is a compilation of all my “Teacher Summer Series” videos, which will go live each week on my YouTube Channel, Ever Educating. In this post, I provide quick descriptions of each video, so you can decide which ones are worth the watch for your own summer situation. The post will be updated as new videos go live.

Episode 1: Hobbies or Side Hustles

In this video, I go over a few ideas on fun side hustles you can start over the summer to earn a bit of money when not teaching. Most of this list can be done as hobbies instead of side hustles, in case you’re not interested in monetizing fun summer activities.

Episode 2: Summer Goals and Summer Routine Creation Process

Here’s my step-by-step process for creating a goal-based summer routine that works for your individual situation. Keep in mind that experimentation and reflection are key steps in this process!

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FYI: The May 29th Livestream is themed “How to Have a Productive Summer.”

Episode 3: 5 Top Summer Tasks When Not Teaching

These five categories of tasks will make any summer better. If you already have your routine ready to go, perhaps you already have them all covered. But still, watch the video to make sure you have everything covered!

Episode 4: 7 Phone Apps I Use ALL the Time

I don’t only use these apps over the summer. But, summer is a good time to declutter, and I don’t want you to declutter any of these apps! And if you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for??

Episode 5: 3 Approaches to Free PD (Non-Credit)

Summer is a great time to improve various teaching-related skills. Or, any skills really. Here are some MOOCs, YouTube channels, and websites I recommend, specifically for professional development reasons.

Episode 6: Top 5 Online Teacher Newsletters

Great teaching info sent straight to your inbox? Yes, please! Here are five newsletters I suggest trying out. There are plenty out there, though, so do some research, too. In case you didn’t know, I have a monthly newsletter. Sign up HERE.

Episode 7: 5 Different Notebook Styles and When to Use Them

Do you love notebooks as much as I do? Well, in this video, I share my thoughts on what types of notebooks work best for different situations. Disc, ring, bound, spiral, digital. So many options, so many projects…

FYI: Here are some digital notebooks you can try.

Episode 8: Notion for Teachers | A Quick Tour/Tutorial

I’m trying out the app Notion for my writing life at the moment. In this video, I show a few ways it can work well for teaching life. It’s mostly a tour, with a few tips on how to do certain things with the tool.

Episode 9: Tips for Starting a Blog

Considering creating a personal website/blog this summer? Here are some tips based on my own experience. I’ll be using WordPress for this blog example.

FYI: June’s livestream is all about creating a personal website. Join us live on Monday, June 28th, 5 PM EST. There will be a giveaway to celebrate my birthday and 3K YouTube subscribers!

Episode 10: Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

Considering starting a YouTube channel this summer? Here are some tips based on my own experience. Make sure to do these set up steps ASAP. I’ll add a video in the description that shows how to create the channel using your Google account.

Final Thoughts

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