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Here’s a video all about the theme for the next five weeks of my blog: designing the first week of a college class! Not a video watcher? I recap the content in this post, too. Here’s the link to access the workbook, if you don’t already have access to our resource library.

What’s Inside the Workbook

The workbook is 60+ pages long, so there’s a lot of material covered. It’s divided into five sections, which coincide with the five blog posts and YouTube videos I created to go along with each element of Week 1.

The Section Themes:

Plus, a surprise bonus item or two, as well!

Note: The links above lead to each related blog post. The workbook and videos cover different material related to each topic.

Workbook vs. Blog Post vs. YouTube Video Content

In the workbook, I go step-by-step in considering how to create each element of the first week listed above. There’s plenty of blank space included in the workbook for you to brainstorm and draft your content.

In the blog posts, I provide an example or two of each main element (syllabus, course schedule, icebreaker, major assignment sheet, self-assessment). I’ll use content I’ve already had success with in my courses, and will include short, personal notes throughout each post.

In the video series, I focus more on how my materials have been influenced by my students’ feedback on these elements and their performances in my classrooms.

I’ll answer any questions in the comments sections of the posts and videos. I’d also love to see your own suggestions and advice, if you already have experience with teaching.

I'd love this workbook to help as many new college instructors as possible, especially new grad students who might be worried about teaching for the first time. #gradschool Click To Tweet

When Does the Series Material Go Live?

It’s all already live! The video series and blog posts are linked above.

Additionally, in the workbook, I have a page with all the blog posts and YT videos linked for easy access. By signing up to receive the workbook, you’ll also get access to an archive of the emails I sent along with each new post in the series.

Here’s the exact schedule:

  • July 5 – Syllabus
  • July 12 – Course Schedule
  • July 19 – Icebreakers
  • July 26 – Major Assignment Sheets
  • August 2 – Student Self-Assessment

Overview of the Series & Workbook

Important Disclaimer

While the first week of a college class includes a lot of similar material across all institutions, there are also a lot of specific elements from that first week that are dependent on the institution that you teach in. As such, it’s essential that you double-check with someone knowledgable in your particular department, to make sure that you meet any requirements placed on you depending on the courses you will be teaching.

Successful Start Workbook MockUp
Click the image to head over to the workbook download page.

Know Other New College Instructors?

I’d also really appreciate you sharing this blog post with anyone you think would benefit from using the workbook and going through the series. I’d love this workbook to help as many new college instructors as possible, especially new grad students who might be worried about teaching for the first time. You can see social media share buttons at the top and bottom of this post, or you can just share the post url via email or text message.

If you’d like to see even more teaching tips and resources, check out my teaching resources round-up post or my “Teaching College Courses” playlist on YouTube.

If you have any questions about the series or workbook, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Learn how to design your first week of a college class with this series and free 60+ page workbook. Syllabus, course schedule, icebreakers, major assignment sheets, and student self-assessments are all covered. #education #highered
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