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New! Hyflex Activities Collection ($5)

A collection of 11 activity ideas for the hyflex classroom. Includes templates for multiple activities, helpful videos showing how to use the templates, and video tutorials on the edtech tools mentioned in the collection. Activity types include: icebreakers, small class activities, and a large class activity.

Newest YouTube Video:

5 Health-Related PhD Mistakes

Older: 3 Ways to Organize All Your Website Tabs

*Video Editing Tutorial Series | Flixier*

Newest Blog Post:

7 Mistakes I Made as a PhD Student

Older: 5 Types of Participation Activities

Huge Freebie:

Designing a College Course from Scratch for the First Time?

I have a workbook and blog/video series all about designing your first week of class. Syllabus, course schedule, major assignments, and more. Learn more about “Successful Start” here!

Top Products:

4 Daily Routine Digital Journals ($3.99)

These journals have four sections with one page layout each. Pick the journal style you like (portrait or landscape) and fill out the following four pages every day: morning routine, today’s tasks, night routine, self care and gratitude. The colorful pages provide a cheerful backdrop while getting your daily schedule on track!

Trello Boards for Academics: (FREE) A collection of 8 Trello boards designed with academia in mind.

Planner Inserts for Grad Students: ($7) Seventeen page templates included. Print them out or use them digitally.

Customizable Digital Bullet Journal: For Teachers and Graduate Students: ($20) A Teachable course that includes two digital bullet journals and a video series on how to customize them.

Free Workbooks/Ebooks:

Successful Start: Designing Your First Week of Class (69 pages)

Ten Teaching Tips for the New College Instructor (20 pages)

Top EdTech Tools for Online Teaching (3+ pages, plus video tutorials)

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