Trello Boards for Academics: ($0)

A collection of 8 Trello boards designed with academia in mind. Organize your teaching ideas, to-do lists, semester schedule, meal prep, and more. Suggest topics for future boards, too!

Daily Routine Digital Journals ($3.99)

The digital journals in this course have four sections with one page layout each. Pick the journal style you like and fill out the following four pages every day: morning routine, today’s tasks, night routine, self care and gratitude. The colorful pages are designed to get your daily schedule on track while providing a cheerful design for your tasks of the day.

These Daily Routine Digital Journals include four page layouts: morning routine, today's tasks, night routine, self care and gratitude.

Two Digital Notebooks “Course” ($5)

While also purchased via the Teachable platform, this product does not include video tutorials that show you how to customize the two notebooks that come in the “course.” Instead, you are simply purchasing two, 12-sectioned digital notebooks. One notebook has a vertical design (portrait mode), while the other has a horizontal design (landscape mode). There are two videos included in the “course” to provide you with inspiration on how to customize the notebooks, but they are not tutorials.

If you’re interested in purchasing this “course” in bulk for your techie friends, coworkers, students, etc., there are discounted pricing options for larger purchases.

Hyflex Activities Collection ($5)

A PDF with 11 ideas for hyflex activities (synchronous hybrid teaching), along with templates and prompt ideas that you can tweak and use in your classes ASAP. Short video tutorials included to show you how to use the tools recommended in the collection. Icebreakers, small class activities, large project, and templates included.

Assignments Jumpstart 2021 ($7)

A course that includes the 12 assignment sheet templates for the assignments discussed during my July 2021 YouTube videos. The YT videos for that month had four themes: college basics, writing, literature, multimedia. Each week had a video about tools/resources and a video about assignment ideas. All videos are also included in the course, along with a PDF tied to each tools/resources video. Find out more about the series: video preview.

Planner Inserts for Graduate Students ($7)

In this PDF, you’ll find 17 planner page templates with grad school responsibilities specifically in mind. There are two versions of each template: one designed for my digital bullet journals and one designed for printing and adding to a discbound notebook or ring binder.

The list of all 17 templates can be found on this sales page.

Customizable Digital Bullet Journal for Teachers and Graduate Students Course ($20)

*Formerly titled, “Customizable Digital Teaching Journal Course”*

Click the title and you’ll go straight to a full description of the course. In a nutshell, the course includes a digital bullet journal designed to leave you with tons of space to add your notes and other materials on each page, while also being easy to navigate through the inclusion of hyperlinked tabs. A series of nine screen-recorded video tutorials show you the step-by-step process of customizing your journal to meet your exact needs, rather than having to rely on a built-in design that doesn’t match what you want for your journal. The journal includes 6 hyperlinked sections along with 37 page templates that you can use to track any daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tasks or any other information that you want to include in your journal.

The journal can be downloaded as many times as you’d like, so once you buy the course once, you can download the journal PDF over and over again for different purposes. No need to buy any more journals that just weigh down your bag or get lost on campus or on the subway.

Here’s the preview video of what the journal looks like inside:

Here’s the list of templates included in the journal:

Here’s the link to the course’s sale’s page: Customizable Digital Bullet Journal for Teachers and Graduate Students