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11 Ways to Give Students Choices in Your Classroom

Student choice is one of the topics I covered in my video on how to increase student engagement in virtual learning. In today’s blog post, I want to cover a variety of possible approaches to giving students choices and empowering them in your classroom. A lot of these are inspired by the fact that I teaching writing and literature courses, but plenty can be tweaked for any course topic you are teaching.

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7 Easy Ways to Make Better Video Lessons for Your Students

Since I’m teaching in hybrid form this semester, I’m not creating too many video lessons for my students. But, I do make an overview video every week and a quick video lesson here and there. So, I thought I’d share seven easy ways to make your video lesson better for your students. The key here is “easy” ways, so if you’re overwhelmed by the thought of creating even more complicated videos, I still recommend reading this blog post.

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7 Classroom Management Ideas for a Synchronous Hybrid Class

I already have a blog post with tips for teaching hybrid and online classes. I also have multiple YouTube videos about teaching hybrid courses, including today’s new video about classroom management ideas I’m trying out in my classes (included in this post). In an earlier video, I vlogged about my Week 1 teaching experience. In another, I mentioned the best icebreaker for a synchronous hybrid course. Basically, I have a lot to say about the topic of hybrid teaching as I experience it for the first time. Let’s take a look at my classroom management strategies.

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Teaching Strategies for Hybrid and Online College Courses

If you are teaching a synchronous hybrid course or a fully online course, this blog post and the two videos included in it are for you. I’m going over some of my current strategies for teaching a hybrid course, but I’m also going over a few tips for strengthening your online instructor presence if you are teaching fully online. I want to be prepared if my university makes the switch to fully online, so I’ve given some thought to both these approaches to teaching in the fall. Let’s get started…

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How to Use Canvas LMS to Create Your Class Website (Video Tutorials)

I’m teaching at a new university this year. I’m excited to get started, but before I can, I need to set up my new course websites. At ISU, we use a Sakai-based system. [Here’s that video tutorial, with other online teaching tips.] At STU, I’ll be using Canvas instead. Canvas is a super popular learning management system, so there are plenty of tutorials already out there. But, I thought I’d still create my own video tutorials, as well, from the perspective of a newbie getting the feel for the tools available in this LMS. So far, I’ve covered the four major elements of Canvas: pages, discussions, assignments, and modules. You can learn more about these elements in this post or by going straight to the YouTube video series playlist. Additional videos will be created as I gain more experience with Canvas.

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7 Online Class Discussion Designs that Increase Student Engagement

Whether you’re going fully online this semester or doing some form of hybrid teaching, creating online class discussion designs that differ from one another can help increase student engagement and interest in your course. So, I’ve listed seven different discussion design ideas that can work well in your classroom (two of them are combined together on this list, just FYI). They require the use of different tools, but these tools are very user friendly and are free for teachers and students. Let’s take a look…

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