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Ideas for the Last Day of Class

It’s the last day of class for your college course. All your lesson content has been taught. You don’t want to create too heavy a final class session, since you know how busy your students are right now. So, what do you do on the final day? What will provide the most value? Here are a few options.

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5 Strategies for Using LMS Announcements in an Online Course

If you’re teaching a hybrid or online course, your students are liking using an LMS app on their phone to keep up-to-date on their classes. LMS announcements can be a great way to keep students engaged in your course, since with the app they function similarly to getting a text message or email notification. Here are five ideas for how to use this tool to increase your teacher presence and student investment.

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My Career Pivot: Transitioning from College Instructor to Instructional Designer

In January 2022, I began my journey as an Associate Instructional Designer for Keypath Education. I’d been a college instructor for six years up to that point. Five years as a Graduate Teaching Associate and one year as an Adjunct Professor. In today’s post, I’m discussing my transition into instructional design and offering advice for anyone else looking to make this career pivot.

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Using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in Your College Classroom

Bloom’s Taxonomy is brought up a lot amongst educators and instructional designers. It’s a go-to resource when designing class activities, as it details different practices students can achieve throughout the learning experience. In today’s post, let’s go through each of the six elements of the revised version. I’ll provide some examples of activities that can work with each level.

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