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For this week’s post, I’ve compiled a list of ten YouTube channels that college students can benefit from, especially if they’ve (you’ve) moved into a dorm or apartment (or house) for the next few years. Only three of these channels are aimed specifically at students (see below in category four); the rest are all targeted to adults in a more general sense. After compiling the list, I realized how skewed it might seem to female readers/viewers. However, just because all but one of these channels are run solely by women does not mean their advice applies only to this particular audience. I won’t get into the potential reasons for this gender imbalance, though of course my own gender plays a role in my choices. For any readers who are not women reading this post, I still suggest checking out these channels to see if they can help you balance your home, health, school, and financial life. I also have an additional list of channels to check out at the end of this post, so make sure to stick around until the very end.

Note: Click on the channel names to go straight to the YouTube pages. Click on the individual “playlists/videos” to check out specific videos from the sites. If available, click on the “website/blog” version of these channels to see more text-based (rather than video-based) advice.

Category One: Home

Clean My Space

This channel is fantastic for anyone who has moved into a dorm/apartment/house and now needs to clean up after themselves. Need to know some cleaning or home organization tricks now that you’re not living with your parents? Not sure what cleaning products to buy for different surfaces? Want to make your own cleaning products from things you already have lying around? You can find plenty of advice here on all these topics and more. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Playlists for College Students:

1. Cleaning Habits playlist

2. Organizing and Storage Solutions playlist

3. Home Hacks playlist

Do It on a Dime

This mom is all about living on a budget, so her videos (and blog) don’t just focus on advice for home cleaning or decor. This channel offers tips on cooking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, and more. The site is definitely not just for college students, though students on a tight budget can benefit from checking out this site.

Top 3 Playlists/Videos for College Students:

1. Dollar Tree Organization playlist

2. Organization Budget Tips playlist

3. 5 Tips for a Cleaner Home video 

Category Two: Food

The Domestic Geek

Healthy eating is another important element of a well-balanced (college) life. I know a lot of college students use meal plans, but for anyone who does a lot of cooking at home (or wants to), this channel is for you. This channel and the one below have great videos on fast and easy recipes to make on a budget. There are also some kitchen product reviews, if you’re looking for some helpful gadgets to buy for your apartment/house. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Playlists for College Students:

1. Healthy Lunch Recipes playlist

2. Healthy Dinner Recipes playlist

3. Healthy Snack Recipes playlist

Mind Over Munch

While the advice in these videos can be a bit too energetically presented for my taste, the food prep tips and recipes make this channel worth the watch. Overall, cooking on a budget seems to be more of a focus on this channel than the one above, so if that’s something that interests you, I suggest checking out this channel before stocking your fridge. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Playlists for College Students:

1. Back to School playlist

2. Favorites Playlist for New Viewers

3. Meal Prep playlist

Category Three: Exercise


Getting in some exercise on a daily or weekly basis is pretty important during your college years (and basically any other age, as well). This channel is great for finding exercise routines that don’t require any equipment but your body. The videos aren’t too long either, so you can do these exercise routines during short studying or work breaks. The channel has videos on healthy eating and other healthy lifestyle topics as well, and you can go to the blogilates blog and/or app if you want more access to these tips and tricks.

Top 3 Playlists for College Students:

1. Stretching Workouts playlist

2. Total Body Workouts playlist

3. Cheap Clean Eats playlist

Fitness Blender

This is a more intense exercise channel, for those of you who are athletes or who just want more intensity in their workouts. I don’t actually use this channel, but it has a lot of full-length workout videos, if you’re interested in doing a 20-40 minute routine at home. I’d suggest checking in with a doctor first, especially if you’re not used to intense workouts. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Videos for College Students:

1. Total Body Workout video

2. Jump Rope Workout video

3. Kickboxing and Ab Workout video

Category Four: School

Study with Jess

This channel is targeted to high school and college students, and the videos range from advice on school supplies and note-taking strategies, to work routines, snacks to buy/make, and more. She’s based in Australia, but that doesn’t stop her tips from being relevant to U.S. students. She also has a stationary line, so she does giveaways every once-in-a-while on her channel. Check out the back-to-school giveaway going on now. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Playlists for College Students:

1. For New Viewers playlist

2. Her Favorites playlist

3. Study Tips playlist

Studyign (spelling is correct)

This channel is aimed at students as well, though often in high school rather than college. I believe the creator of this channel is starting college this year, so the target audience will likely change in the upcoming videos. Still, there are currently some great videos on note-taking and studying that can apply to college students. If you use a bullet journal, she has a series on that topic, as well.

Top 3 Playlists/Videos for College Students:

1. Studying for Exams playlist

2. Taking Notes playlist

3. How to Start a Planner video

Ana Mascara

This channel is aimed at college students (here’s the playlist of her school-related videos), though a lot of the advice can apply to people outside of academia. While filmed in France, pretty much all the advice transfers well to U.S. students. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of all her videos. Nonetheless, there are plenty that are worth the watch. She takes a psychological approach to a lot of her advice, as a psych student, so if you’re interested in advice created through that lens, definitely check out this channel.

Top 3 Videos for College Students:

1. 10 Active Reading Strategies video

2. 10 Best Apps for Students video

3. 10 Study Tips video

Category Five: Finances

The Financial Diet

This channel is basically all about creating good money habits. The target audience is 20-30-year-olds, not students, but there’s plenty that a new (or old) college student can learn from watching this channel. If you’re unsure how credit cards actually work, need advice on managing your income, or are looking for tips about going on a job market, just to name a few topics, this channel is for you. Here’s the non-YouTube website.

Top 3 Videos for College Students:

1. Finding Extra Money in Your Budget video

2. Tips for Shopping at a Grocery Store video

3. 7 Tips for Better Money Habits video

Final Thoughts

These are just ten of the many YouTube channels that focus on topics that can benefit college students or those who are new (or not so new) to living on their own. Below, then, are a few more random channels that I think are beneficial to browse before the new school year begins.

Crash Course – for students, teachers, learners

Thomas Frank – for students

How to Adult – for, you guessed it, adults

Boho Berry – for anyone interested in bullet journaling

Sea Lemon – for crafting and DIY ideas

Pick Up Limes  – for videos about veganism, minimalism, productivity

At Home with Nikki – for more home organization/decoration/cooking advice

Or just search on YouTube for “college student tips

Comment Below: What channel/video suggestions do you have for your fellow college students?

Use these YouTube channel to help you live a balanced life during the school year. #college