You’re in the right place if you’ve ever had one or more of these thoughts…

“I don’t know the best way to prepare for teaching my first college course.”

“I’m so nervous about teaching for the first time.”

“I’m so bad at balancing my teaching with other responsibilities.”

Learn about great tools, activities, resources, and strategies for new college instructors by reading the “College Life: Instructor Edition” blog & watching my YouTube videos over at Ever Educating.

The Resource Library

What Can You Find on This Website?

I created Ever Educating so I can share information on my academic experiences, especially the teaching tips, tools, ideas, and resources I have to share and the products I’ve created inspired by my academic life. I want this website to be a resource for any college instructor, but especially the grad students who are shoved into teaching college courses with little to no preparation.

I’ve described each category in my main navigation menu below, so you can get a better sense of how this site can help you!

Here’s a quick visual representation of the top topics explored on this site:

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The Various Areas of Ever Educating:

Blog: College Life: Instructor Edition

My academic drive definitely stems from my love of teaching, so it’s hardly surprising that my dissertation is pedagogical in nature. But, while I have plenty of pages in my dissertation, I also want a less academic outlet for writing about and discussing pedagogical practices, resources, experiences, etc. After a year of posting, then, I finally found my blog’s niche. As I mentioned above, rather than simply posting about various topics connected to my experiences as a reader, writer, teacher, student, and fan, my blog posts after August 10th, 2018 focuses on the following content:

  • course design advice and practices
  • class activities designs and experiences
  • edtech tips and tutorials
  • tools and resources that work well for teaching/assessing/organizing
  • other advice for the college instructor

As more types of related content are suggested/requested via any post discussions, these ideas will also be incorporated in future posts. While not all of my blog posts in the past year have included content connected to this new focus (though many are relevant, especially June/July 2018), all of my posts will remain archived on my blog. I welcome you to see the journey I’ve been through to get to this point in my blogging life. Or, you can read more about my journey here.

Resource Library (password protected)

The resource library is where I house all the extra checklists, templates, ebooks, etc. that I create to complement some of my blog posts. To access it, you can sign up here. By signing up to access the free content, you’ll get access to my monthly email newsletter, too.

Online Teaching

With the global pandemic we are currently experiencing, online teaching has become a major element of academic life. I spent a lot of time during 2020-2021 focusing on creating a lot of resources that can help newbie online instructors, including many videos with edtech tutorials and activity ideas. All these resources are listed on this page of this site. I update this page with each new addition, blog post or video. I also have an EdTech PDF resource in my resource library that includes recommendations for edtech tools to use in your classroom.



This tab includes a lot of information about my experience as an academic, including the following subsections: teach and research. Here’s more information about each element!


The main page for this section includes a list of my past work experience tied to teaching. The subpages under this section include descriptions of the courses I’ve taught (i.e. course goals, booklists, assignments, etc.) and resources I’ve found and created for them, along with a description of my current teaching philosophy on the last subpage.


The main page for this section lists the non-teaching academic work I’ve done that doesn’t fit neatly into the “conferences” or “publications” subpages. As the titles suggest, the first two subpages include an annotated list of the conference presentations I’ve given and my work that has been published. The final subpage includes an informal research statement.

Erika Romero

Want to know more about me and my journey to creating this website? Check out my About page!

I’d Love to Hear From You!

I hope my tips, tools, and resources help you on your teaching journey! I’d love to read about your own ideas and suggestions in the comments of my blog posts or videos. If you want to make sure not to miss out on any new content, you can sign up to receive my email newsletter. Joining the list will also give you access to my resource library!